Penn State’s College of IST’s Women in IST, a student-run organization, is looking for mentees!
As many of you already know, our university hosts numerous diverse clubs and activities, academic opportunities, and plenty of fun social events. Navigating your way around a new environment, working your way through new classes, and even simply making new friends can all be overwhelming. Because of this, the transition from high school to college can be an arduous experience. This is why the WIST Mentoring Committee would like to lend you a hand! 
Our names are Pooja Patel, Rebekah Long, and Nandita Suresh! We all have our own unique stories, but at the end of the day, we ultimately chose the College of IST to help pursue our various dream career paths. As members of the executive board for Penn State’s Women in IST Club, we decided to begin 2019 by establishing the WIST Mentoring Committee. The main goal of this organization is to provide a chance for new incoming women, like yourself, with a chance to have an upperclassman mentor, a helping hand to aid in navigating your freshman year here at PSU.

If you have any questions, please email