Women in IST (WIST) was founded in August 2000. WIST currently has a membership consisting of over sixty first-year, sophomore, junior and senior students. Madhavi Kari serves as the group’s adviser.

The purpose of WIST is to promote a sense of unity among women in the Penn State College of Information Sciences and Technology by offering networking opportunities, career resources, community and academic presentations, and leadership training.

The organization strives to support the recruitment and sustained interest of women in the college, ensuring that female students and faculty members are equally and actively involved in all aspects of education and in the rapidly changing world of technology.

WIST is open to any Penn State student interested in helping us fulfill our goals, WIST strives to encourage more women to study and pursue careers in information technology, understanding its importance in every area of study, not just in science and technology.

This organization places an emphasis on leadership and communication, and allows its members to network with each other as we work toward the advancement of women in our field.